Tobias Grau fuses light-weight and emotion in world wide art task

Tobias Grau fuses light and emotion in global art venture Spearheaded by artistic administrators Timon…

Tobias Grau fuses light and emotion in global art venture

Spearheaded by artistic administrators Timon and Melchior Grau, international collaborative initiative Artists for Tobias Grau explores the transformative electricity of lights structure

Next the seismic world wide impact of occasions in early 2020, German lights design industry experts Tobias Grau sought to more understand the emotional electrical power of mild, this time by means of art.

The light-bulb moment

This ignited Artists for Tobias Grau, for which the brand name sent lights to artists throughout the world and asked them to provide a carte blanche creative reaction. The resulting creations from artists such as Tanya and Zhenya Posternak, Darryl Daley, Johann Clausen and Sarah Blais had been huge-ranging: photographs, movies, illustrations, installation photographs, and CGI visuals, every single deciphering the fusion of light-weight and emotion in new means.

Bastien Gomez, Salt and Pepper

Irons in the fire

2020 was a fast paced calendar year for Timon and Melchior Grau, the brand’s inventive administrators and sons of its eponymous founder. As nicely conceiving Artists for Tobias Grau, the duo took portion in the inaugural Wallpaper* Re-Built initiative, presenting their plans for an installation identified as ‘Fire’ in the August 2020 problem. As artists, light-weight and its influence on our life is at the heart of their practice. Their job aims to alleviate seasonal problem by emitting a strong light-weight to soothe wintertime blues, as very well as channel the age-previous relationship among human beings, feelings and hearth. 

Paul Hutchinson, Fire

New light 

In 2021, Tobias Grau designs to integrate other disciplines into the series past photography. In collaboration with creatives, they will go on to check out the solace, joy and transformative prospective of light as a artistic medium, while supporting artists in regularly turbulent instances. §