Matt Stell shares that he almost didn’t pursue Country music

Country star Matt Stell joined RADIO.COM’s Mo and StyckMan to tell us about how excited he is to perform his new…

Country star Matt Stell joined RADIO.COM’s Mo and StyckMan to tell us about how excited he is to perform his new single, “That Ain’t Me No More” at live shows. Also, Stell tells us when we can expect touring again, and his surprising career decision he almost made before choosing to pursue music.

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Matt explains that he and his band have such a great time playing “That Ain’t Me No More” that when they can finally perform at shows again he wants to play the song “four times!” “We did a little band rehearsal the other day,” Stell begins. “Every time we get to that song… that song is one that we always just play front to back because we just enjoy playing it so much. It’s one of my favorites.”

Matt shares that throughout rehearsals his band is always looking out for him. “I’ve got a great band and crew, and man, I just cannot tell you how excited we are to be back on the road and playing a rock show made out of Country songs,” says Stell.

While he hasn’t been on the road for the past year, the singer has always kept up a prominent presence on social media. From sharing jokes to showing off his long quarantine hair, the artist laughs, “We had a little come to Jesus meeting with management and my mother because they were out on my long, COVID hair, so we chopped it off a little bit and we’re hoping it’s not a ‘Sampson’ situation where I’m now worse at guitar because I cut it.”

Additionally, Matt reveals the before taking on his Country music career he was considering going to medical school. The artist was even accepted to Harvard’s pre-medical school but jokes, “I’m glad I didn’t have to go because the story is way better that I got accepted and not that I probably would have failed out.”

In his early days in Nashville, Matt was writing songs and trying to “chase down” a publishing deal, but initially his music career wasn’t panning out in the way that he had wanted it to. Knowing that he would always love music, he began feeling like he might not be able to make a living out of pursuing Country music so he started considering other options.

After going on an outreach trip to Haiti and working with doctors and pharmacists while on the trip, Stell started paving a path to attend medical school.

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Ultimately Stell achieved success in music and chose not to go the medical school route and now while he’s giving us new singles and writing music, fans are itching to get back to a Matt Stell live show.

Listen to Matt’s full interview above.

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