M F Husain’s closing artwork boosts Qatar’s world wide artwork profile

The installation of ‘Seeroo fi al ardh’ – the closing operate of the late acclaimed…

The installation of ‘Seeroo fi al ardh’ – the closing operate of the late acclaimed artist Maqbool Fida Husain – in Qatar Basis is “a strong and superb statement” of Qatar’s developing profile as an intercontinental hub of arts and society, in accordance to Ranjit Hoskote, a poet, art critic, cultural theorist, and independent curator.

“‘Seeroo fi al ardh’ is a sturdy and wonderful statement of Qatar’s soaring profile as a international hub for the arts and lifestyle. It embodies Qatar’s openness and responsiveness to creativity, magnificence, and excellence in each field of cultural expression,” Hoskote told The Peninsula. 

The artwork highlights the development of humanity on land, in air, and sea, and their inclination to use the bordering assets to attain their objectives. It tells the tale of how first mother nature, then devices, sophisticated people’s ambitions through the Arab location. 

“Husain’s closing artwork, the posthumously realised ‘Seeroo fi al ardh’ is a tribute to this excellent artist’s kaleidoscopic creativity. As an set up, it provides collectively the energies of the several arts – impression, colour, movement, tableau, drama, sample. Here, we see all the inventive practices that nourished Husain in action – portray, sculpture, toy-making, theatre, architecture, and cinema. It is a summation of his oeuvre, a grand summary,” said Hoskote.

In accordance to Hoskote, ‘Seeroo fi al ardh’ is an inspiration to the community art scene. 

“As a crucial aspect in the bodily as nicely as the cultural landscape of Doha, I consider ‘Seeroo fi al ardh’ will act as an inspiration to the regional art scene. I am specific that it will act as a beacon to artists, urging them to stretch their imaginative capacities – in terms of its scale, its creative ambition, and its spirit of getting on new conceptual, aesthetic and technological troubles,” he claimed.  

Commissioned by H H Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Chairperson of Qatar Basis, ‘Seeroo fi al ardh’ has been permanently housed at QF’s Education City because December 2019.

“To the great credit history of Qatar Basis, it has taken this grand and demanding job to fruition, allowing us to celebrate M.F. Husain’s vision a ten years right after his passing,” stated Hoskote.

Hoskote, also a close associate of M.F. Hussain, curated Horses of the Sunshine, the to start with big-scale exhibition of M.F. Husain’s get the job done in Doha, for the Mathaf Museum of Present day Art in 2019.

“It was a retrospective in its ambition and incorporated his operate from throughout varied media – ranging from painting and drawing to sculpture, tapestries, graphics, his collaboration with the Pritzker Prize-successful architect B V Doshi, and cinema,” he stated.

“I see Husain as a bridge involving Qatar and India, and he symbolises the endeavour, at Mathaf, Qatar Museums, and Qatar Basis, to embrace artists from a broad area stretching from Morocco and Mali in the west to China and Indonesia in the east, and also audiences from about the earth,” he added. 

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