Driver’s License Specialists Communicate Olivia Rodrigo’s Hit

Pairing youthful heartbreak with a teenage rite of passage, “Drivers License” is common in methods…

Pairing youthful heartbreak with a teenage rite of passage, “Drivers License” is common in methods past its radio dominance. Most of us who are of age in the US have driver’s licenses (as of 2009, that figure was 87{f7ace28afe27113323ebcbc15db4aacb666c5f5c079bf840994bad8a1353241c} of the US’ adult populace) but except if we’re renewing them or having carded or pulled around, we almost never imagine twice about them. To improved have an understanding of what affect — if any — “Drivers License” (the tune) has had on driver’s licenses (the laminated ID playing cards), Billboard got in touch with the folks who do devote a ton of time considering about the latter: DMV staff members, driver’s training instructors, and in Melanie and Danielle’s conditions, teenager drivers and their mother and father. 

“For me, the timing was best,” claims Melanie of Rodrigo’s music. “It came out just a number of months prior to I turned 16, I experienced been driving with a allow for a number of months previously, and obviously I was energized about acquiring my license.” Did that make her recognize the song a lot more? “Well, probably not, it is just a fantastic track,” she responds. “I guess it was variety of a factor for a whole lot of individuals my age while.” 

Melanie is echoed by Kenzie, a 15-12 months-old latest scholar of Nathan’s Driving School in Atlanta. “I acquired my allow in January, so it was suitable close to when the song came out, basically,” Kenzie says. “It was humorous, I basically listened to it like, suitable just after I got my permit. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, it can be just like me.’”