Album Critique: Tevvez keeps the legacy of Zyzz alive with ‘Phantom’

To honor the passing of Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian — better identified as Zyzz, a Soviet-born…

To honor the passing of Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian — better identified as Zyzz, a Soviet-born Australian bodybuilder — Tevvez, a prolific French artist, produced a prodigious portfolio of music and movie accompaniments in his album “Phantom.”

Deemed the “son of Zeus,” Zyzz revolutionized health by popularizing aesthetics — teaching to look like a Greek god — and in the long run encouraged a legacy of pursuing dreams over and above the monotony of everyday lifestyle. Given Zyzz’s passing 10 a long time back on Aug. 5, I assumed a dive into Tevvez’s memorial album was fitting.

This 12-monitor, 42-moment album romanticizes the journey and legacy of Zyzz with layers of orchestra-like chords and rigorous, resounding kick drums that comprise the songs’ baselines and dictate the tempo. The songs’ names, such as “Vision”, “Guardian Angel” and “Legacy”, also spend tribute to Zyzz, and the album deal with depicts him ascending to the clouds.

Apart from for bits of choir-like singing at the starting of some songs, “Phantom” capabilities virtually no vocals. Primarily, any human voice features as just yet another instrument in the symphonic masterpieces of Tevvez’s tracks. The album also contains each significant and minimal tones to distinction the inspiration Zyzz provided and the unhappiness of his passing. With both computer-produced and classical instrument appears, the musical style resembles a mix of techno, trance and hardstyle that is extra advanced than possibly style by itself.

Frequently, the individual tracks start with basic, light-weight melodies. About the training course of each and every music, deep chords, kickdrums, clap drums, amongst other functions, are easily woven in. The tunes afterwards return to their essential melodies right before developing up to larger intensity than previously, evoking fervent emotions of strength and resolve. 

The musical variation amid the tracks will allow the album to string jointly distinctive facets of Zyzz’s lifestyle and legacy in an elaborate narrative. The opening observe, “Vision”, starts with a sluggish, brooding melody, as if symbolizing the bullying Zyzz suffered “Vision” afterwards progresses to distorted arpeggios, as even though representing Zyzz’s dejection from the bullying and his subsequent eyesight to renovate himself. The track then diverges to portray Zyzz’s challenging function, exhibiting a a lot quicker tempo and exhilarating drum sequences, and concludes in the identical way it started — possibly to depict Zyzz’s passing.

Continuing to tell the tale of his daily life, “Infinity” commences with eloquent, superior-pitched wailing juxtaposed with sorrowful chords, maybe symbolizing an person mourning. The song then switches to a bouncing melody, evincing the sparks of hope Zyzz provided admirers, and proceeds to add layers of chords and kickdrums to denote the individual’s endeavor to attain their dreams — ultimately conveying that Zyzz’s essence will keep on being on Earth infinitely.

My favorite piece by considerably is “Legend.” Compared to other tracks, “Legend” evokes the most emotion and displays the finest contrast concerning its climax and mellower preliminary themes. The tune begins with a short drumroll and an elaborate prelude that resembles funeral new music. Then, just after an epic crescendo, the air is tranquil for a transient second. A thundering beat-drop shatters the fleeting tranquility, and the ensuing climax seemingly portrays the awakening of a sleeping huge with its emphatic kickdrums, perhaps corresponding to the posthumous acceptance of Zyzz in the previous ten years.

“Phantom” proves beneficial for a Zyzz-worthy intent: pushing past boundaries in the gymnasium. Primarily on significant volume, the extreme chords, beat and kickdrums evoke enthusiasm and enthusiasm, most likely in an attempt to drown out any perception of discomfort.

I would take into account “Phantom” to be Tevvez’s best album. It involves all the musical styles he used in past albums — “Waves,” “Obsidian” and “Divinity” — while also sounding noticeably a lot more refined and intricate than former performs, that includes cleaner and purer-sounding chords. I come across no fault with this album. Contemplating its tracks together, I come to feel that Phantom” excels in creating a desolate depiction of Zyzz’s childhood and death, as properly as serving as a poignant connect with-to-action for listeners to greater by themselves. The distinctive elements of every single song and the album’s shorter duration make certain that the listener under no circumstances feels jaded. It is, for that reason, no surprise that the remark sections of the tracks of ”Phantom” on YouTube are almost exclusively stuffed with praise for masterfully preserving Zyzz’s spirit and inspiring millions to go after their goals.